Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new year? Bring it ON! I'm ready, are you? #goals #resolutions #newyear #2015

A new year!! I can't help viewing it as a clean slab ready for me to write the next chapter in my life.
And in this chapter, I have SO many exciting things planned--from new books in the Shifter World to new opportunities to connect with my readers.

What I don't do, however, is make resolutions. For me, they're too easy to break, but goals on the other become something I work hard to reach. It's a slight mental difference, but it works  :-)
I've shared my writing goals in my newsletter, so I won't repeat them here. If you don't get my newsletter, click HERE to read it online, then sign up to get on my list by clicking HERE.

In my personal life, my goals are simple ones--finish some of the projects around the house that have been ignored in favor of the more exciting projects. I WILL...finish my flower beds and paint those last two rooms. Oh, and the organization of my closet and cold porch...well, maybe I'll save those for 2016 ;-)

What about you? Any goals or resolutions planned for the new year?